Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC) is in the business of converting unique environmentally beneficial materials science into value added products and services for industrial and consumer applications.

Our business model of commercializing clean and green technologies in niche markets depends heavily on the talents, perseverance and integrity of both our employees and our worldwide federation of joint venture partners.

NTIC was founded in 1970 in Lino Lakes, Minnesota with its primary business in oil analyzer instruments (then known as Northern Instruments, Inc.). In 1993, Northern Instruments changed its corporate name by merging into a wholly owned subsidiary, Northern Technologies International Corporation. The company has since grown out of the oil analyzer instrument business and into a global provider of corrosion inhibiting products and corrosion control management services with sales and technical support to reach in more than 70 countries. Our management system is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard.

Consistent with our desire to expand our offering of environmentally beneficial clean technologies to the public we developed certified compostable bioplastics through our Natur-Tec line of products to further reduce any negative impact on the environment.

We believe that our responsibilities are first to our worldwide customers, then to our people, next to our communities and finally to our shareholders. Therefore, we must:

  1. Exercise honor, humanity and disciplined management in our actions.
  2. See a unified world through the global perspectives of our people.
  3. Ensure that the environment becomes a better place because of what we do.
  4. Invest continuously in our future.