NTIC offers an Educational Assistance benefit program to its eligible Employees. NTIC may reimburse all or part of the registration and tuition costs for full-time Employees who continue their education in a work-related field up to a maximum of $1,000 per year unless otherwise approved by the CFO or Human Resources. All courses must be pre-approved by Human Resources. NTIC will reimburse an eligible Employee as described below for the portion of the costs that were pre-approved, which may include registration fees, tuition, books, and additional lab costs; however, it does not include travel or meals.

In order to qualify for this Educational Assistance benefit, the full-time Employee must:

  • Notify Human Resources, prior to enrolling for the class, of the intention to take a particular course. Human Resources will notify the Employee whether the course qualifies for the Educational Assistance  program.
  • The course must be job-related and offered by an approved educational institution.
  • The Employee must be classified by NTIC as full-time and have at least twelve months of full-time service with NTIC prior to course registration.
  • If the Employee is eligible to receive educational benefits from other alternate sources, NTIC may elect not to reimburse all educational expenses.






In addition to educational assistance for formal education, NTIC may arrange training programs that enable employees to progress in their technical, commercial, or financial knowledge of NTIC’s business.  When an Employee becomes aware of a particular seminar that the Employee believes is appropriate for enhancing work-related skills (and/or those of other Employees), the Employee should bring such to the attention of their immediate supervisor and Human Resources. Since these seminars are usually offered only at specified times within a geographical area, Human Resources should be alerted to such  opportunities as far in advance as possible. This way, supervisors can attempt to schedule workloads to accommodate scheduling for all appropriate Employees. However, as in any other business, departmental budget restrictions may have an impact on obtaining approval. Therefore, an Employee taking a pre-approved seminar or any other type of training related to the Employee’s job must get prior approval before registering and attending. The training record document to submit to their supervisor and Human Resources is on the NTIC Intranet and should be approved and signed off on before registration. This signed training record should be submitted to Human Resources, along with any certificates of completion, for the Employee’s personnel file. In order for the training to be reimbursed by NTIC, the Employee must also attach the training record to the Employee’s expense report for said training.